Label Art


Meet the Artist

Kristen Cush

Kristen (Kris) and Dave returned to Brisbane after a long stint making wine at the family vineyards on the Freycinet Coast of Tasmania.  Kris, an avid artist uses oil or mixed media to paint the land that can be seen in our suburban forest reserves, farmlands and national parks.


Her abstract landscapes are an expression of her love of nature's texture and form. "I am endlessly inspired by the shapes, texture, pattern and light of my Australian home."


Her background in winemaking has led her family to establish a fully functioning winery in the centre of Brisbane. Kris creates the wine label artwork that tells a story of the wine and the land where it came from.


Kris' artworks can be viewed at City Winery Brisbane and prints purchased online.

The Inspiration

Every label tells a story.  Be it the story of what happened during vintage, or the land the fruit was sourced from.  Each artwork is an extension of the wine itself we believe rounding off the tasting experience for a consumer trying the wine.

One of our favourites is the 2017 Deathbox Grenache.  

Listen to the story below.



Gallery Space

The restaurant doubles as a gallery space for paintings by Kris Cush, as well as others.  If you're interested in showing your art at City Winery please feel free to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities and partnerships.  

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